Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Upcoming Book on Sociology Optional

Dear friends,

When I started my preparation for Sociology, the biggest hurdle that I faced was that - there was no single source for the subject and I had to run from pillar to post to gather the material. Topics were scattered in tens of the books and still I was not able to cover the complete syllabus. To overcome that limitation, I tried to compile the syllabus from numerous books and other academic sources and finally it took shape of a veritable book. Post selection in the UPSC Civil Services Exam, I pondered over if these notes of mine could be put to some other better use and the idea of writing a book came into my mind. After working upon it for almost nine months, the idea finally took material shape and now it gives me immense pleasure to announce that the cover of my book "ESSENTIAL SOCIOLOGY" was recently released by LexisNexis. The book will be available from 30 June 2017 on Amazon and LexisNexis.

Some of the salient features of the book are:

  1. It covers the complete syllabus of both the papers of the Sociology optional.
  2. It has been written in a very concise and easy to understand manner.
  3. Analytical understanding of the topics of Paper 1 and 2 of Sociology for Civil Services Main Exam with updated information till March 2017.
  4. Equipped with around 200 illustrations, diagrams, tables, information boxes, it supplements the text for better and deeper understanding.
  5. Chapter-wise specially designed question bank for self-assessment and for fulfilling present and future needs of the optional exam.
  6. Use of cartoons at the start of each chapter (drawn by author himself) to provide clarity and stimulate thought at the very beginning of each chapter.
  7. Lots of additional information over and above the prescribed syllabus keeping in mind the contemporary trends, dynamic nature of this exam and to make the aspirants capable of answering even the un-anticipated questions.
I hope you will love the book and it shall address all your needs regarding Sociology optional and will ultimately help in scoring good marks in the Civil Services Exam. 

It gives me extreme pleasure that the book is finally out and is now available at -

Amazon -

Flipkart -

LexisNexis website (all titles on LexisNexis are available at 10% discount and free shipping, details on their landing page) -

Infebeam website - 

Also available at major book shops in and around Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukharjee Nagar in Delhi. Also available at every major bookshop in other major cities. 

I hope you will like it and it will serve your needs.

Eagerly waiting for your critical feedback at -